Our Staff

Full-Time Doctors Kenichi Furihata (graduate of Keio University School of Medicine)
Full-Time Doctors Yutaka Hattori (graduate of Keio University School of Medicine)
Part-time Doctors Norisato Hashimoto (graduate of Keio University School of Medicine)
Fumiaki Ikegami (graduate of Kanazawa University School of Medicine)
Yuki Nagasako (graduate of Tokyo University School of Medicine)
Noriko Miyazawa (graduate of Gifu University School of Medicine)
Kazushi Suzuki (graduate of Gunma University School of Medicine)
Kumiko Kurihara (graduate of Kyorin University School of Medicine)
Medical Advisors Ryuichi Kato (graduate of Keio University School of Medicine)
Shinichi Kawai (graduate of Keio University School of Medicine)
Mika Suzuki (graduate of Gunma University School of Medicine)
Medical Staff Nurses: 14 (6 full-time, 8 on-call)
Pharmacists: 2 (1 full-time, 1 part-time)
Lab technicians: 11 (8 full-time, 3 on-call)
Nutritionists: 1
Consultants Takashi Noguchi (counselor for the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Regulatory Science Society of Japan)

Pharmaceutical Division

In the Pharmaceutical Division, we store and handle investigational drugs under the right conditions, from receipt (carry-in) to return, employing a method that complies with GCP ministerial ordinances, trial protocols, and clinic SOPs. Moreover, we create and save records of all such procedures.

As a member of “Team P-One”, our division also works with the other medical staff to undertake general clinic tasks, thereby ensuring that studies are conducted smoothly and appropriately.

Laboratory Division

In the Laboratory Division, we work hard every day to submit fast and accurate result reports.
To ensure clinical trial operations are carried out with a high degree of precision, we make every effort to create an environment that is not conducive to mistakes or protocol violations. Our methods to achieve this include:

  • Sharing of accurate information
  • Organizing meetings with the various sections involved
  • Carefully studying protocol

Moreover, inspired by the clinic’s obtainment of ISO certification, our lab technicians strive even harder to maintain our levels of testing accuracy by vigilantly attending to daily management tasks such as device maintenance and thoroughgoing temperature control.

While many aspects of our laboratory differ from that of a hospital, we have many opportunities to interact with the other sections and feel that this is a workplace where we can truly believe in the importance of what we do.

Nursing Section

As nurses involved in clinical trials, we strive to conduct high-integrity studies while paying careful consideration to the safety of our subjects.
Each clinical trial has a supervising nurse who oversees nursing-related tasks.

Before a study begins, the supervising nurse partners up with the doctors and other sections, taking a central role within the clinic as a whole in ensuring that it proceeds smoothly and safely.

While the style of nursing here differs from that of regular hospitals, we nonetheless approach our daily duties with a sense of pride in our work, since it allows us to do our part in the development of new medicine, thereby making contributions to society and the many patients of the future.