Clinical Study Track Record

Clinical Study Track Record


Matching Your Protocol Needs (Accepting Study Contracts)

  • Given that P-One Clinic has several independent wards, we can conduct studies with males and females separated or with concurrent panels taking different doses, in accordance with protocol design. We can also take on multiple protocols simultaneously.
  • To offer advice at the protocol outline stage, our full-time doctors and medical consultants are here to help.
  • With advance consultation, we accept bed reservations matching the number of subjects for trials capable of a fixed schedule.
  • The clinic can enlist specialized doctors from partnered medical institutions as subinvestigators, so as to accommodate different types of testing, target illness domains, study drugs and the like.
  • Our full-time pharmacists can oversee pharmaceutical agents that have a specified route of administration, require dispensing and so on.
  • We are also partnered with distinctive CROs specializing in the fields of cancer, IT, etc.

P-One Club

Registered Volunteers: 4800

Breakdown of Volunteer Pool
Healthy Japanese Adults: 3000 (including 700 females)
Healthy Caucasian Adults: 500 (including 100 females)
Diabetes: 500, Hypertension: 80, Hyperlipidemia: 100
renal dysfunction: 150, liver cirrhosis: 10, malignant tumor: 30, other: 100

Non-Japanese (Caucasian) Volunteer Association

A non-Japanese staff coordinate 500 non-Japanese (Caucasian) volunteers
The clinic has undertaken 4 studies that simultaneously enrolled Japanese and non-Japanese


Employing a unique network system for recruiting, we can gather subjects rapidly and accurately