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Medical Care System

  • Number of registered beds: 19
    *For emergency transport of subjects, P-One Clinic is partnered with
    Migita Hospital, Kowakai Medical co.
  • 2 wards, 2 examination rooms, 1 treatment room (capable of handling multiple protocols)
  • 2 recreation rooms reserved for volunteers
  • Conference room (outpatient waiting room)
  • Nurse station
  • Laboratory

Fully-equipped Laboratory System

Main in-hospital measuring devices:

  • Biochemistry testing: Beckman Coulter AU680
  • Blood testing: Beckman Coulter DxH800
  • Urine testing: Eiken Chemical US-2200
  • Refrigerated centrifuge: 2 units made by Kubota
  • Table-top centrifuge: 2 units made by Kokusan
  • Sample storage: 2 deep freezers, 2 medical freezers, 5 regular freezers

A comprehensive testing system has been established to ensure higher precision of subject selection and to verify subject safety after drug administration.


Operation of Barcoding System for Quality Assurance

Each study is managed using a barcoding system, which prevents mixing-up of samples and omission of tests.


Investigational Drug Storage Room

This storage room is used exclusively for investigational drugs and can be locked (pharmaceuticals for general use are kept totally separate). A record is kept of when staff enter/exit or borrow keys. Both room temperature storage (1-30˚C) and cold storage (2-8˚C) needs can be accommodated (please consult with us if you require other storage conditions.)

The storage temperature can be monitored 24 h/day with a digital data logger. To enable maintenance of the investigational drug temperature in case of a blackout, a system has been put in place whereby the supervisor is contacted and measures are taken accordingly. (P-One Clinic is in the same building as Tokyo Electric Power Co., the largest power utility in Japan, and there are generally no power outages except during power supply inspections.)



The clinic is equipped with 10 ECGs. Data can be submitted electronically.

Opthalmologic Devices

  • Digital fundus camera
  • Slit lamp
  • Opthalmic tonometer
  • Optometer

Other Measuring Devices

  • Scale for height and weight
  • Breath alcohol tester
  • Body composition measuring device
  • Infusion pump
  • Pulse oximeter
  • Breath rate counter
  • Hand dynamometer
  • Crash cart

Timekeeper System

Timekeeper System

All tasks on the timetable for trials in progress are managed to the second (indicated by a sound). The timekeeper is operated in synch with an atomic clock.

Meal Management

There is a cafeteria inside the clinic. Meals in conformity with protocol can be provided by the dedicated nutritionist and dedicated cook.


Security and Management of Entering/Exiting the Clinic

Entering and exiting of the clinic is managed via dedicated ID cards.
This prevents undesirable incidents such as subjects leaving without
permission. Moreover, there is a central control system governing entrances/exits and the automated locks can be closed or opened remotely.

Other Facilities

  • Private shower rooms (with nurse call buttons installed)
  • Electronic toilets (with nurse call buttons installed)
  • Subject consultation room (attached to each ward)
  • Yoga mats
  • Televisions (terrestrial digital broadcasting)
  • Internet
  • Comics, novels etc. (in English and Japanese)