A Word From The Clinic Director

Contributing to the advancement of medicine through clinical research
Opening the way towards fuller, healthier lives

Kenichi Furihata M.D., Ph.D

Kenichi Furihata M.D., Ph.D
Chair, Board of Trustees,
Keikokai Medical Corporation
Executive Director, P-One Clinic

P-One Clinic is a medical centre with inpatient facilities that specializes in clinical trials. It was established June 2005 in Hachioji City, Tokyo.

Since the clinic’s inception, all our staff have strived together as a team to provide highly-dependable data for the sake of new drug development, all the while upholding high ethical standards, complying with Good Clinical Practice, and continuously improving our systems.

By playing our part in the future of medical care in Japan, we are in the process of making contributions to society.