Privacy Policy

P-One Clinic, Keikokai Medical Corporation has established the following privacy protection policy in accordance with Act on Protection of Personal Information (the privacy protection law) in order to take measures as an organization to ensure proper handling of personal data and is committed to precisely upholding this policy in practice.

1. Compliance With Relevant Laws, Ordinances, Guidelines and the Like

We conduct proper handling of personal data in compliance with laws and ordinances including the privacy protection law, and guidelines including Guideline for the Act on Protection of Personal Information.

2. Regarding Collection, Use and Sharing of Personal Information

A) General Principle for Collection

We collect personal information using an appropriate method that makes the purpose of collection clear and enables advance verification of the person’s consent.

B) General Principle for Use and Sharing

We only use and share personal information within the scope of the purpose we have made clear in advance in accordance with the stipulations of laws and ordinances.

3. Responding to Requests for Disclosure/Revisions and the Like

If a person requests disclosure of their personal information, we will comply with this request within a reasonable time frame and to the extent appropriate.
Moreover, if a person requests that we make a correction or other change to an alteration or error in their personal information, we will comply with this request within a reasonable time frame and to the extent necessary.

4. Proper Management of Personal Information

Concerning personal information that has been collected, we take appropriate security precautions and adopt reasonable measures to prevent such problems as loss, leakage, destruction, falsification and unauthorized access.

5. Compliance With Laws/Ordinances and Other Standards

We appoint someone to be in charge of privacy protection and comply with laws, ordinances and other standards applicable to personal information.

6. Continual Improvement of Privacy Protection and Management

The clinic director appoints a manager, who provides regular training, reviews our protection/management of personal information and works towards improvement of these systems.

7. Contact for Questions and Complaints

For questions or complaints concerning this clinic’s handling of personal data, please contact the reception listed below:

1) Address:

Privacy Protection Desk
Quality Assurance Office
P-One Clinic, Keikokai Medical Corp.
View Tower Hachioji 4F, 8-1 Yokamachi,
Hachioji City, Tokyo, 192-0071

2) Tel: 042-625-5216
3) Hours: 9 am to 5:30 pm Mon-Fri (excluding holidays such as end/start of year)

June 1st 2018
P-One Clinic, Keikokai Medical Corp.
Dr. Kenichi Furihata, Chair of the Keikokai Board of Trustees